We have reviewed, profiled and revered all our designs.

They can be purchased in decals through our catalog or through the ATALAYA DECALS catalog.

Due to the number of designs, prices will be unique on each scale. 1:43 8 euros 1:32 12 euros 1:24 16 euros 1:18 20 euros Our designs are made from blueprints taken from real models with their real measurements.

Since there are a large number of molds on the models, in the orders we include the measurement between center of axes. Anyway, the color maps will be presented on the decal sheet ALWAYS a little larger in their lengths to adapt to these small scale errors.

For contact through our social networks and addresses:

info@rallydraw.net            tf  34 646724542


For contact whit ATALAYA DECALS:

 info@atalayadecals.com    tf   +34 601 10 15 22


Apart from the catalog of the store we have many designs, decorations and blueprints of other models, from the 70s to the present.

We show you an example of how axis center measures,

our presentation of the design on a blueprint and a sample of how it would be in decals.